The Benjamin Cooper Academic Ambassador Award is an annual award presented by PACE to recognize an individual or organization whose above-and-beyond contributions to the quizbowl community embody, by example, the ideals of academic competition. The original Cooper Award was named in honor of Benjamin Cooper, a student at Georgetown Day School who had been named captain of his team prior to his untimely death on August 12, 1997. The Cooper Academic Ambassador Award has been awarded at every NSC since PACE’s founding. PACE is proud to present the 2019 Benjamin Cooper Academic Ambassador Award to the founders of the Las Vegas Quiz Bowl AllianceMatt Albert, Justin Sharp, and Paul Villaluz – for their work starting a pyramidal quiz bowl circuit in the Las Vegas area.

In 2004, PACE added the Benjamin Cooper Young Ambassador Award, which specifically recognizes the contributions of under the age of 25. Many winners of the “Young Cooper” award were high school or college students at the time when they were recognized.

PACE is proud to represent the Benjamin Cooper Young Ambassador Award to Connor Mayers of Penn Manor HS, Millersville PA, for his outreach work in expanding the high school and middle school circuits in Pennsylvania.